Friday, March 28, 2014

The Island Connoisseur Presents

Oh, The People You'll Meet!
A Poem about Traveling to Tobago as Canada's Representative for
The Island Connoisseur 
Adapted from the Book "Oh, The Places You'll Go" By Dr. Seuss

Oh the people you meet will greet 
"Congratulations! You've made it this way. 
You come from a great place,
So foreign and far away!"

And you may find me
Cruising the T&T Spirit you should know
To the capital of Tobago,
Where they'll cheer in Scarborough!

I'll have new friends in hand
And a spring in my heart
I am in the best place you can be
To let my life start.

Out there I will try new cuisines
As I frequently do,
Like Blue Food and Black Cake
And crab Calaloo!

Throw away those judgements, just let them out.Everyone has a story to why they are traveling about.They have been all around and know all the tricks,Stick to the old-timers and you might get some kicks.With a hand in your friends and your heart starts to spring, You will cry out "Why haven't I done such a thing!"
The Island Connosoir makes a motionTo move this party to the ocean!

And when things start to get wetWith adventure packed days,I'll be the first one outTo dive, snorkel and sail the day away..


I'd take my smile from land to sea

I'd take my gopro for all to see!

And if I don't get chosen,
As I may very well not be.
I'll be watching from afar, because
I know they won't be as happy and funny as me!

So when it's time to vote 
I know you will make,
Kailey as Canada's choice
I won't be a fake!

And for 60 Days will I Succeed?
Yes! Yes I will Indeed!
(It's 98 & 3/4 percent guaranteed!)


Canada, I want to show you Tobago
Because I am the Island Connoisseur you know!!!
Kailey Lockhart
March 2014

If any part of this poem has resembled Dr. Seuss's ""Oh, The Places You'll Go", it was done as a tribute and an adaptation to the original book. I have not intended to copyright or plajerise in any way. 
My Favourite Inspirational Book!
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